About CY

"cytoks" is my editorial spin that highlights some of my independent professional opinions on different aspects of the financial ecosystem. Adopted off my name - Chong Yap, Tok and my initials "CY", some pun is intended indeed with the title of this blog. For those not familiar with Singlish (uniquely Singapore's English), "toks" equates to "talks".

With a double degree in Economics and Law, I initiated my career spending two years in a SME and was largely involved in its corporate and debt restructuring exercise. 

Leaving the corporate world, I went on to pursue my passion in investing and trading through a managerial role at a brokerage firm in HK. Responsible for serving the high net worth individuals and institutional funds, I adopted bottom-up research on US and HK equities while maintaining a top-down perspective in my analysis. Apart from recommending investments to my clients and ensuring positive returns on their portfolios, I was largely exposed to various types of financial instruments and had to market them according to my clients' investment objectives. Having started investing during my tertiary education period, I have accumulated close to 10 years of experience till date and continue to learn from people around me.

I am presently a Senior Consultant at Singapore's largest investor relations (IR) agency. In my work capacity, I am responsible for providing professional counsel to C-Suite executives in equity market positioning, institutional investor marketing, corporate developments advisory to managing media relations. Leading the Technology, Industrial and Manufacturing practice, I have successfully assisted three companies to achieve more than 200% returns on share price performance within 12 months. This has also resulted in my team winning various IR-related awards and nominations.

Should you find the information on this blog useful and wish to reach out, please feel free to connect via LinkedIn or contact me at chongyap@gmail.com.

P.S: I also manage a food blog and review restaurants independently - do drop by www.makeyourcaloriescount.com!